Surgical software simplified.

Surgery is stressful.

Your software doesn't have to be.

Disconnected point solutions and clunky legacy systems contribute to the burnout, miscommunications and manual work that get in the way of running your OR and providing patients with the best care.


At ConnectOR, we partner with you to develop intuitive digital solutions that provide the experience that your surgical staff and patients should expect in 2021 -

simple, valuable, reliable.

Our Platform

Poorly integrated software costs you time and energy, limiting how efficiently you can manage and perform cases. Our suite of user-centered solutions help your team smoothly and confidently make the most of your time and resources.

We built our platform to be highly modular and integrated from the start, so you can easily select the digital tools and services that best fit your organization's needs without a long and complex integration process.

Seamless case coordination across the surgical journey

From our easy-to-use calendar that quickly shares case and patient information across multiple facilities to our machine learning based schedule optimization features, we developed solutions for creating, sharing and tracking cases from pre-authorization to the PACU in one intelligent system. 

Meanwhile, our mobile coordination tools allow your surgical staff to stay informed in real-time with case-centered group chat, status updates and relevant case details at their fingertips. 

We treat your patients like family

After all, they might be! And that motivates us to build solutions that reduce stress and errors which result in poor patient experiences and outcomes.


From the time a case is scheduled to the post-surgery follow-up, we provide consumer-grade products to prepare patients for their procedure and recovery while preventing unnecessary cancellations and rescheduled appointments

Computer with Graph

Best-in-class AI: Actionable Insights

We're passionate about quality care, smooth operations and clean data. Our experienced clinical and IT specialists will be your partner in reshaping your organization's appreciation for data and its impact on your culture and performance. 


ConnectOR's suite of digital tools capture, structure and analyze your data to provide real decision-making power to your team. Block utilization by department? Flip time per room? Optimal case or payor mix by facility? You ask and your data will answer in interactive, real-time dashboards and benchmarking reports with meaningful insights and objective perspectives.


Get the confidence you need to make the decisions that matter.  

The future of surgery

is Connected.

Curious how ConnectOR can help your organization reach its operating potential?

Schedule time for our experienced team of designers and data scientists to get to know you and your surgery goals. 

(No pressure - we look for a good fit, not just a sale. We value your time and energy,

which is why we do what we do.)

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