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Patient care outcomes greatly improve when surgical teams are collaborating, sharing, and communicating effectively.

See how connectOR’s modular suite of tools is easily deployable and customizable for your teams.


surgical teams use connectOR

Learn how the leading OR optimization platform for mission-driven hospitals and ASCs can improve patient outcomes and increase your bottom-line


Block time utilization optimization

By working with your existing EMR, connectOR is able to capture, structure, and analyze your data to optimize your block time allocation decisions.


Cooperative scheduling on the go

Make scheduling convenient and less burdensome with the unified calendar. View and schedule cases across multiple facilities through the desktop or mobile app.


Real-time case communication

Get real-time status updates and case details for your surgical team with HIPAA compliant messaging. Case-centered group chat keeps multiple cases organized.

Connect seamlessly with your existing platforms and partners.
No dual manual entry. Ever.

Maximize your surgical team’s productivity to focus on patient care.

Working demo available for admins, schedulers, surgeons, and nurse managers


Cloud-based document sharing

Streamline all documentation into one easy-to-manage system. Preparing patients for their procedure and recovery prevents unnecessary cancellations and rescheduled appointments.  

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