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Redefining Operating Room Efficiency

Surgical teams are often frustrated with archaic administrative processes around document faxing, scheduling cases, and patient case correspondence.

These tasks have not evolved to address the growing demands of healthcare and take away time and energy from providing a great experience for the maximum number of patients. 

connectOR helps you maximize team efficiency and OR utilization by streamlining these administrative tasks. 

With connectOR, your hospital/ ASC surgical teams can see more patients, save time, and avoid burnout. 

Chief Executive Officer
Khalid Usmani

B.S., The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Chief Medical Officer
Azam Qureshi, MD

B.A., University of Pennsylvania | M.D., University of Alabama

Chief Technology Officer
Khalid Harun

B.S. and M.S. Carnegie Mellon University

Chief Product Officer
Muneeb Khadeer

BSME Georgia Tech | MSET Central Washington University

Head of Data Science
Rashid Harun, PhD

University of California, Davis

Head of Growth
Rami Ajjuri, PhD

M.S., Ph.D. The University of Alabama |  MBA, IESE Business School 

Data Science
Marya Kim

Cornell University

Jerry Cai

B.S., University of Pennsylvania, Cognitive Science and Statistics

Naveed Ahmad

University of California San Diego

Jayesh Anandani

Bangalore University

Client Success
Luther Walke

B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering

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